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Our Approach

A "child-centered" focus is critical for your child's therapy. 
Someone who takes the time to make sure that your child is really understood is essential.
A focus on what's best for an individual person is the power behind the most effective ABA therapy.

Understanding is Priceless

We know that every child is different.  They learn in different ways, they have different challenges, and they enjoy different things.  These are keys that need to be understood to provide your child with the best possible therapy.

At Elevation Behavioral, we take a child-centered focus in our approach to providing services to your child.  “Child-centered” means we focus on addressing the needs of your child through helping them to learn and develop the skills they most need to achieve their potential. 

kid or boy dancing to move and groove on sidewalk
two people talking about strategies for alternative behavior services

Deep dives change lives.

To do this, we take a deep dive into your child’s background by getting to know your child and learning about them from those who know your child best.  We also conduct evaluations and observations to see where your child is at to develop a full understanding of the whole child.

From that understanding, we can then design a treatment plan that will be most effective in helping your child.  By teaching them new skills that help them to be functional in life, many of the challenging behaviors your child may exhibit will reduce or go away.  As your child develops these skills, they will learn, progress, and gain confidence in their abilities and in themselves.

utah kid using behavior strategies

Connect with us and together we can work to help your child become the best they can be.

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