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Preschool Skills are an important part of functioning in their world

Learning these basic skills is essential to happiness in the home and learning in school.

Elevation Behavioral teaches these skills in a way that even the smallest of children can understand.


This skill deficit is

primarily responsible

for many problem behaviors. 

There are 2 parts to communication.

- listening and understanding and

- letting others know what they want/need

When children learn to communicate,

most problem behavior

significantly reduces

or disappears altogether.

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Understanding feelings

Being able to identify

their own feelings

and knowing socially appropriate ways

to express those feelings

helps children to understand themselves,

and make positive social connections

with others around them.

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There are so many times our children need to wait.

Knowing how to wait and entertain themselves

is an important skill,

whether at home, at school,

at church, in the car, in the store,

or while you're on the phone.

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Sharing - Turn taking 1.jpg

Sharing / Turn taking

Sharing and taking turns

go hand in hand with waiting. 

This is a critical social skill for holding conversations,

game play, learning, and friendship.

Fine motor skills

It's such a small thing,

but those little fingers

are an important part of their

growth and development. 

Strengthening those little muscles

builds a foundation that allows them to

do buttons and zippers, draw and write,

and so much more!

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Learning early makes the difference of a lifetime.

Connect with us to sign up for services to help your child learn these foundational preschool skills, or to find out more about how we can help your child.

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