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Student Advocacy
for our clients

Currently serving Utah and Salt Lake Counties

Deep dives change lives.

If your child is not achieving success with individual accommodations provided (or doesn't have any accommodations) by their school, you need an advocate who will take a deep dive into the life of your child to fully understand what's going on. 

Taking data on what's happening in the classroom is vital for understanding behavior issues (which schools often do), but it's crucial to look deeper and understand all the factors that are affecting your child's behavior.  Things like sensory needs, learning disabilities, medical conditions, etc. could be affecting your child's ability to behave and learn in the school setting.  By doing a deep dive into all the information of your child, we are better able to give students the best opportunity to learn and succeed.

With Elevation Behavioral, you will get a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who has worked with hundreds of children in the school setting, participated in numerous IEP meetings, and written BIPs that have successfully helped some of the most challenging children access their education advocating for and helping your child to succeed.

kid doing strategic behavior analysis

IEP Support Services

- Academic -

Is your child struggling academically in the classroom even with an IEP?  Have you reached out to the school but feel like no one is hearing your concerns?  Does your child have the same goals in their IEP from three years ago while continuing to achieve little to no educational progress with those goals?


Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are written to help students to engage with their education through academic supports, interventions, and goals.  If your child is not progressing with the goals in their IEP, then the IEP may not be appropriately written to fit the needs of your child.  An effective IEP should help your child successfully engage in the behavior of learning.

​Elevation Behavioral has experience with writing and participating in IEPs for many students and can help you ask the right questions and advocate for the accommodations that will help your child achieve success.

BIP Support Services

- Behavior -

​Does your child have a written Behavior Intervention plan (BIP) at school (often written into your child's IEP)?  Is the plan being followed and have you seen a significant reduction/elimination of the problem behavior? Or is your child still acting out or shutting down, and not engaging in the learning process while at school?


At Elevation Behavior, we have seen (over and over) the positive impact on a child's learning (and social skills) that an effective BIP can have.  To have an effective BIP, there first needs to be an in-depth Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA/FuBA) (using the correct assessments to understand why the student is engaging in the problem behavior) completed.

When an effective BIP is in place, you should see a significant reduction in the prior problem behavior and your child's learning.  There should also be data being taken by the school to measure and verify if the interventions are working as designed.

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